UI and update

UI! That’s right, with a little love I managed to get an in-game UI working for the basic play button (shop does nothing yet)  I also got the fundamentals of the in-app options set up and much more, but it’s not really anything that you can see.. After that, I went back and did a minor re-factoring of some of the War Mages  will have a few more changes being made this weekend for the beginning of the challenge/training levels.  I … MORE

Bits N Bobbins

Short post on progress things.  Things have just been lots of grunt work and non pretty things. Will have things to show real soon. Honest. basic player object ..er.. exists and rotates properly.. mostly.  need to knock out some better test sprites and stuff to be able to make things actually ‘work’ together, but the fundamental concept of 8 direction independently moving head, torso, arms, lowerbody seems to work and will look pretty cool. monster entities can be spawned and basically kept … MORE

Three Days

Three days.  That’s not a whole lot of time left. The list of cut features is growing on a daily basis, and new incidental bonus things are beginning to crop up. New Stuff: Music!  makes a world of difference New website area and working Facebook integration 4 final levels (6 more in development) new backend tools for tweaking text wrapping issues new bolt particles and images and tweaked effects improved dialog for failure 🙁 The Must Get Done List: more levels … MORE