Welcome to my small corner of the web.

My name is Simon and I make things. Right now, it’s mostly focused on my rediscovering the art that I’d forgotten to make.  There’s a lot of art and tech overlap as I’m one of the weirdos who like to keep both sides of the brain fully active and fighting.

I do freelance tech development and e-commerce things and by day, I help nonprofits at my dayjob at KELL Partners.  If you’re a nonprofit and need help moving to a cloud infrastructure (Salesforce) we can help.

Oh yeah I’ve made some android and pc games and have a few things in eternal ‘development’ that I totally mean to get back to once they discover how to add an extra day onto the week.

The Games

Candy Goblin - available on google play
Candy Goblin – available on google play
War Mages – available on Play
Drakkheim (alpha) on Drakkheim.com
Dragon Crash - coming soon
Dragon Crash – in development