Flying Golden Turtle Final

  I think this is going to be it!  Gonna sleep on it but I think this is where this journey ends for this piece. At least for tonight. Barring any last changes I’m looking to get this to a printer this week.     … MORE >>

Almost there!!!

Getting really close to getting this beast under control. Need one more pass on the mid ground trees and then maybe some more balance adjustments but I’ve stared at this for over a month now and it’s almost time to get it sent off to … MORE >>

A Rendering we go

Foreground just about done. Mid ground mostly done maybe needs another pass. Castle almost getting there.

Digging in to the final painting

Okay.. heeere we go.  Picked a color comp.  Scaled everything to final print size. Masked individual components of the piece. Lets see if it all goes to crap First up the background mountains   Ok that wasn’t too bad.  next up. Getting started on the … MORE >>

color roughs…very rough

man these have been kickikng my butt. I’m leaning towards #1 or 4.. but the challenge of the limited palette of 3 was actually a lot of fun… let’s just pretend #2 didn’t happen… turns out me and vivid colors aren’t that good friends yet.

More turtle WIP sketches.

Got my new Yinova tablet and am coming to grips with it. Also finally settled on a good composition for the scene and am pretty happy with the turtle.


The doldrums of summer and start of a new school year is like a parasitic leech that sits on your forehead and drains motivation and inspiration right out of you.   But what do you do?  You plow through it. thumbnail / color rough for … MORE >>


okokok.. end of summer and life gets a litte crazy so it’s taken a long time to get this far. I know I overdid it, but there’s not a whole lot of structure to work off of in the original. So I had to pull … MORE >>

still plugging away

Time’s been a bit tighter than anticipated. But all sorts of fun plans are being made.