still plugging away

Time’s been a bit tighter than anticipated. But all sorts of fun plans are being made.

More Scribblecritters

Just doodling some silhouettes Didn’t get time to try and dig into them for texture and shapes. But the ones in color are the ones I think might have potential.. Maybe this weekend I’ll get a couple hours to play with them some more.

Month 3 – Concept Masking Critters

So Month 3 of the Oatley Academy’s Magic Box course dropped and I’ve been devouring the videos.  Despite them being repeatedly saying how dull Photoshop masking is, I’m having one heck of a time with the assignment.  (Maybe I’m a overcompensating for working on the … MORE >>

Submarine Scribble

Just a random Scribble worked on until it turned into something.  about 95% lasso and gradient tool.

Lady Gazelle paint.

Ok a couple weeks of quiet, but not unproductive. So Month 2 of the awesome yet super challenging Magic Box digital painting course unlocked and the next step is to work on brush skills and economy of brush strokes.  So pushing onward, I’ve started rendering … MORE >>

Homework week 3

More progress on moving along to the color comps portion of the month 1 homework.  Next week is looking like not much painting time so I’m going to crunch the rest of this week and see if I can get these guys done.

Hoofing it

Needed some quick reference studies on gazelle hooves… Man it’s so hard to find more than 1 picture of the same species, gender and general age.

Too many cheeseburgers

There’s a saying “If all you eat every day is cheeseburgers, even if you LOVE cheeseburgers, at some point you’re going to desperatly want to do something other than eat another cheeseburger.” Now replace that cheeseburger with code. I’ve been eating cheeseburgers all day every … MORE >>

BSDDoD! Milestone 2!

The web player version will be back for Alpha 3. But Just in time for this month’s OneGameAMonth! Alpha2 of Blood Soaked Deadly Dungeons of DOOM! Download it here.

Milestone 2: Week 4 – Finallly Fixed!

Finally got some time to dev last friday and Made Progress(tm) since the week before was spent rebuilding the pc. The Maze Generator works! I’ll need to increase the internal branching, it’s a bit too linear right now but that’s just a variable that needs … MORE >>