UI and update

UI! That’s right, with a little love I managed to get an in-game UI working for the basic play button (shop does nothing yet)  I also got the fundamentals of the in-app options set up and much more, but it’s not really anything that you can see.. After that, I went back and did a minor re-factoring of some of the War Mages  will have a few more changes being made this weekend for the beginning of the challenge/training levels.  I … MORE


War Mages is out on the Play Store! Get It HERE It’s been one hell of a month. Since starting over in the 18th it’s been non-stop go go go to get this thing up and running. Overall I’m really pleased with how well it turned out. I have a lot of little secondary features I want to add to it, but I think I need a week to recover. It will be an interesting thing to see if the … MORE

Barnyard Bonanza – Week End Update

  Woo good Week! New Beta 6! Better Odds manager (you can see it by clicking the puzzle piece on the Main Menu) Reworked tons of the Odds and Money manager backside so money should be handled better. Implemented adMob ads 🙂 Got a good start on painting the home screen .. then did it again as photoshop crashed. (FML) Made the loading screen handle screen changes and stuff magically. Reels are generated a bit more realistically and auto re-factor … MORE