Milestone 2: Week 4 – Finallly Fixed!

Finally got some time to dev last friday and Made Progress(tm) since the week before was spent rebuilding the pc. The Maze Generator works! I’ll need to increase the internal branching, it’s a bit too linear right now but that’s just a variable that needs to be tweaked. Rooms now get harder and harder, the further in you go.  Next up is some minor UI tweaks and then a second enemy and that’s it for Milestone 2.  Just a couple … MORE

Dev Update – wk3 – sacrifice & surprises

Things are going pretty well.  The uncompleted ‘minimum required features’ list for the January Version is getting very small. Corner pillars at outside corners Fixing wizard shooting and movement (aka the Big thing) Death effects and sounds etc. Spider jump attack New stuff added this week: Restart Button, Exit game button. Bolt Particles and light removal. Bug fixes with spider corpses falling out of the world Jucifying impacts on monsters & spawners Now as to sacrifice….  Well you get what … MORE

BSDDoD! Week 1

      Milestone 1 is underway. Pretty good progress this week. The map generation is working, still needs a couple features, like designating spawnable locations and  corner pillars and an occasional wall offset being mangled. The World Controller object is successfully sealing a room and starting waves of challenges (Milestone 1 will only have one or maybe 2 challenges to spawn) The actual eggsack spawners are doing their job (no graphics for em yet tho, just white capsules) The … MORE

BSDDoD! Reborn in 2014

The time to do this game has come.  So it’s gonna be done right.  No more Torque2D, Slick, or other homegrown from the ground, unproven frameworks.  Time to do it in something that’s got support, community, a track record and a workflow.  Aka Unity.  And while we’re at it, let’s make it 3D, physics enabled and extensible by the user to add new rooms to the pool of maze chambers. And let’s do it as part of this year’s OneGameAMonth … MORE