BSDDoD! Week 1

      Milestone 1 is underway. Pretty good progress this week. The map generation is working, still needs a couple features, like designating spawnable locations and  corner pillars and an occasional wall offset being mangled. The World Controller object is successfully sealing a room and starting waves of challenges (Milestone 1 will only have one or maybe 2 challenges to spawn) The actual eggsack spawners are doing their job (no graphics for em yet tho, just white capsules) The … MORE

Dangit.. noted for prosperity.

So a quick twiddle with the new goblin sprite for January Gave me a neat mockup of what the January game will look like 🙂 And I was happy. Then I added a shadow behind the goblin. And that looked funny. So I moved it up 1/8 of a tile and drew a flat plane below it to give a little bit of an isometric feel. Well… THAT looked pretty neat.  But now the difference between the floor and the … MORE