Dev Update – wk3 – sacrifice & surprises

Things are going pretty well.  The uncompleted ‘minimum required features’ list for the January Version is getting very small. Corner pillars at outside corners Fixing wizard shooting and movement (aka the Big thing) Death effects and sounds etc. Spider jump attack New stuff added this week: Restart Button, Exit game button. Bolt Particles and light removal. Bug fixes with spider corpses falling out of the world Jucifying impacts on monsters & spawners Now as to sacrifice….  Well you get what … MORE

January Postmortem

Going to keep this short and sweet, can’t stop and reflect too much. What went right: Web editor –  having a web editor where I can make changes and just re-launch a level for testing was incredibly useful Music – the non repeating drumtrack for in game music works really well wit the musical queues Title screen fire – Damnit particles just make me happy. Pathfinding and combat –  while it’s not the most dynamic combat (see what went wrong) … MORE