January Postmortem

Going to keep this short and sweet, can’t stop and reflect too much. What went right: Web editor –  having a web editor where I can make changes and just re-launch a level for testing was incredibly useful Music – the non repeating drumtrack for in game music works really well wit the musical queues Title screen fire – Damnit particles just make me happy. Pathfinding and combat –  while it’s not the most dynamic combat (see what went wrong) … MORE

Stalls, Inertia and Progress

I’ve followed a ridiculous amount of indie and small developer projects over the last couple years and watched them just peter out and vanish into the ether.  Hell, I’ve started quite a few that have gone the same way.. unfinished paintings, games, websites, etc.  So why does this keep happening?  What can we do about it? Well.. It seems to be all about preventing Stalls and building Inertia to make manageable Progress. Stalls By ‘Stalls’ I mean it literally like a … MORE

Three Days

Three days.  That’s not a whole lot of time left. The list of cut features is growing on a daily basis, and new incidental bonus things are beginning to crop up. New Stuff: Music!  makes a world of difference New website area and working Facebook integration 4 final levels (6 more in development) new backend tools for tweaking text wrapping issues new bolt particles and images and tweaked effects improved dialog for failure 🙁 The Must Get Done List: more levels … MORE