January Postmortem

Going to keep this short and sweet, can’t stop and reflect too much. What went right: Web editor –  having a web editor where I can make changes and just re-launch a level for testing was incredibly useful Music – the non repeating drumtrack for in game music works really well wit the musical queues Title screen fire – Damnit particles just make me happy. Pathfinding and combat –  while it’s not the most dynamic combat (see what went wrong) … MORE

Dangit.. noted for prosperity.

So a quick twiddle with the new goblin sprite for January Gave me a neat mockup of what the January game will look like 🙂 And I was happy. Then I added a shadow behind the goblin. And that looked funny. So I moved it up 1/8 of a tile and drew a flat plane below it to give a little bit of an isometric feel. Well… THAT looked pretty neat.  But now the difference between the floor and the … MORE