Tough decision made.  The original planned February game isn’t going to happen. The Bad News As I rapidly approached the mid-month mark I realized that I had actually made Anti-progress… I had started out with working off of the base Jan game  and broken it to the point where  it no longer had sound, and was actually unbeatable as that would crash it.  And I hadn’t even finished adding a single new feature (other than preparing to get the Spine actors put into place) … MORE

Server move

Well things are now settling down here on our new server.  Got a handful of old and new domains consolidated across the board and some nre goodies lined up. Most notably would be the start of development on the dream wars.  Got a good start on the dsesign spec and some of the data modeling up and running.  It’s an ooold idea I had a long time ago but with the new png support that’s universal plus a bunch of … MORE