Yaay Death and Stuff

So while it’s only 2 new tasks complete, there’s 2 more that are 80% there and others are planned out. Here’s a recap of new stuff: PCs and monsters now shoot and damage each other with functioning ranged combat! PCs can die! Monsters can die! Monster spawner behavior is 90% there PC equip-able items / attacks are close to being there. New portraits are almost done.. then we’ll have 3 different PCs Project title finally announced: Project has it’s own Website http://www.irismel.com (granted for … MORE

Three Days

Three days.  That’s not a whole lot of time left. The list of cut features is growing on a daily basis, and new incidental bonus things are beginning to crop up. New Stuff: Music!  makes a world of difference New website area and working Facebook integration 4 final levels (6 more in development) new backend tools for tweaking text wrapping issues new bolt particles and images and tweaked effects improved dialog for failure 🙁 The Must Get Done List: more levels … MORE