Cloud cover

Plugging ahead and working on the next Magic Box assignement.. Epic Skies..   This little scibble…   is gradually turning into this:   I’ve been attempting to get up extra early and get an hour or two of painting time in before work, and it has been….mixed results.  Some days things have been great and some days, the lil 5yold seems to have adjusted his schedule as well…  

Ah that post painting funk

Ok after a little breather It’s time to get back to working on things that are fun.  Finishing a painting is both exhilarating and exhausting and I find myself having to take a couple days and recoup my creative energy or I’ll find the need to go back and fix, and tweak and tweak irrisistable.  But taking a bit of time away lets me just be proud of what I’ve done and let it be. After a couple days I … MORE