More Scribblecritters

Just doodling some silhouettes Didn’t get time to try and dig into them for texture and shapes. But the ones in color are the ones I think might have potential.. Maybe this weekend I’ll get a couple hours to play with them some more.

Month 3 – Concept Masking Critters

So Month 3 of the Oatley Academy’s Magic Box course dropped and I’ve been devouring the videos.  Despite them being repeatedly saying how dull Photoshop masking is, I’m having one heck of a time with the assignment.  (Maybe I’m a overcompensating for working on the lady gazelle for 2 months a bit) Basically, stage 1, make a scribble with a lasso and make it into a mask and scribble some more with the lasso tool until an interesting silhouette appears … MORE

Submarine Scribble

Just a random Scribble worked on until it turned into something.  about 95% lasso and gradient tool.