Hoofing it

Needed some quick reference studies on gazelle hooves… Man it’s so hard to find more than 1 picture of the same species, gender and general age.

Too many cheeseburgers

There’s a saying “If all you eat every day is cheeseburgers, even if you LOVE cheeseburgers, at some point you’re going to desperatly want to do something other than eat another cheeseburger.” Now replace that cheeseburger with code. I’ve been eating cheeseburgers all day every day, then on weekends for freelance and then in the few remaining moments of the day there was a great big helping of gamedev cheeseburgers just waiting for me. So time for a bit of … MORE

BSDDoD! Milestone 2!

The web player version will be back for Alpha 3. But Just in time for this month’s OneGameAMonth! Alpha2 of Blood Soaked Deadly Dungeons of DOOM! Download it here.