DragonCrash Alpha Update

Not too much time this week.  Here’s the highlights: parllaxing backgrounds are back and better. the new House and system for adding terrain attachments is fast.  Total time was about 3 hours to add a new item to the game. Improved Energy ui. Particle manager for terrain effect. Upgrade to GL2 base with potential hooks for shader effects.

UI and update

UI! That’s right, with a little love I managed to get an in-game UI working for the basic play button (shop does nothing yet)  I also got the fundamentals of the in-app options set up and much more, but it’s not really anything that you can see.. After that, I went back and did a minor re-factoring of some of the War Mages  will have a few more changes being made this weekend for the beginning of the challenge/training levels.  I … MORE

Style…damn that’s hard

It’s been a short week and it’s been pure struggle.  But the art style is slowly starting to gel.  flat and simple painterly. Anyway.. too many things to do and not enough time to do them.

A slice of DragonCrash

Whoo, I love me some 3 day weekends!  Here’s a video of what’s new. New Features: (bulleted list version.. it’s late, sorry) Basic UI and Touch controls  (it plays on android devices!) Proper life and death cycle of dragon  (no animations or effects but the world stops scrolling and you cant collect powerups) Terrain Attachments and the first exaple of it the Basic Tower Powerups (Gold and energy) and a fountain system that sprays / tracks the physical Box objects … MORE