Day 30 – RELEASE

Will write a long soulful post mortem soon.. For now just riding the waves of euphoria for getting it ‘done’. Play it here:  

Day 27 – Weekly Update

Another long week.  I’m finding as the game gets tighter and tighter I’m spending more and more time re-doing things that don’t work.  While they make the game better, it’s not ‘fun’.  Mainly it’s actually pretty depressing to throw away hours and hours of work.   This is the part of the project where I guess  I usually get bored/frustrated and stop.  But Not this time.. This time I’m too damn close!  New Playable builds available here: So what … MORE

Day 24 – Mid Week update

Today is officially the 7 day mark. Holy hell, that’s not a lot of time to get the last stuff done. BUT, the last few days have been pretty productive, I must say. Music is in, particularly proud of the main level background music manager that has a pool of music tracks and randomly assembles them together on the fly. Removed a bunch of the debugging information and such making things run a bit smoother The final (for jan) menus … MORE

Day 20 – Update

Whoa… so very very very close to being a real game. This week I got, victory and failure implemented. Graphics, monsters, particles, a revised UI backend and fun stuff here’s a video from a couple days ago: and Since then there’s been particles added, healing aura around the dragon egg and the beginning of playbalancing implemented. Windows EXE: Mac / Linux Java Jar : if you want to try em. Here’s the victory and defeat screens if  you don’t … MORE

Day 12 – Update

 Time for the weekly update! Pathfinding! Lots of new functionality got put in this week. The biggest of which is clearly the pathfinding which.. in all honestly was a pain in the butt but has been rock steady since I got it working.  The map on the other hand..  I must have re-re-rewritten chunks of the rendering for it so many times these last few days.  That and tile picking (still  a wip) have both turned out to be deceptively … MORE

Quick Sprites

  More goodness to come later this weekend,  pathfinding, creatures.. and hopefully a UI.. But the hosting company had issues for a while so I took the downtime (no website -> no map server -> no debugging) to knock out the basic goblin an orc creatures and an upgraded version of each. Stay tuned 🙂  

Dangit.. noted for prosperity.

So a quick twiddle with the new goblin sprite for January Gave me a neat mockup of what the January game will look like 🙂 And I was happy. Then I added a shadow behind the goblin. And that looked funny. So I moved it up 1/8 of a tile and drew a flat plane below it to give a little bit of an isometric feel. Well… THAT looked pretty neat.  But now the difference between the floor and the … MORE

Day 5 – Progress Update – MAP!

Well It’s been a good week for progress 🙂  I’ve got the html based web based level editor, saving to the database and shooting JSON encoded levels to the game proper. The game loads screens and their assets based off of manifest files that are easy to update and maintain.  The ‘loading’ level shows a progress bar and fetches the needed assets for the next screen and makes screen transitions clean, simple and easy. I’ve knocked out a basic Logo … MORE

Aaand we’re off.. Day1

And away we go.  Looks like 2,600 devs have signed up on now.  Which is pretty cool. So I got the basic website up and running over at and a rudimentary level editor is up and running and saving and loading from the database.  Here’s a screenshot. Yeah.. ok so not real exciting. Ok I was working ahead over the holidays 🙂 Made some progress on the basic tileset, however I’m keeping January’s game very simple and more … MORE